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So Close Chords


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So Close

Intro: Em C G D 
           Em       C G D         Em            C    G D 
I've spent so much time throwing rocks at your window 
        Em     C G D               Em      C G D Em D C Em D C Em D C Em D C 
That I never even knocked on the front door 
  Em        D    C     Em         D       C 
I walk by statues never even made one chip 
Em                      D           C 
But if I could leave a mark on the monument of the heart 
   Em               D               C				   Em D C 
I just might lay myself down for a little more than I had the last day 
Wait a time to spare these lies we tell ourselves 
These days have come and gone but this time is sweeter than honey 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


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