Erik Santos

Your love Chords

Erik Santos

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by monn31

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Your love

Intro: G D Em C Am Bm C D 
Verse 1 
G           D              Em        C 
you're the one that never lets me sleep 
G                 D                Em          C 
into my mind down to my soul you touched my lips 
Em D C i am all alone without you Em D C my days are dark without a glimpse of you
Pre-Chorus Am Bm now that you came into my life C i feel complete Am Bm the flowers bloom and the morning shines C Dsus and i can see
G D Em your love is like the sun C G that lights up my whole world D Em - C i feel the warmth inside G D Em your love is like a river C G that flows through my veins D Em - C i feel the chill inside
Verse 2 (same chord pattern) everytime i hear our music play reminds me of the thing that we've been through in my mind i can't believe it's true but in my heart the reality is you (repeat ref., pre-Chorus and Chorus)

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