Emperor X


Emperor X

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	  		Intro: A Bm C#m G 

Verse 1:

A You sleep dreamless Bm on the watchtower baby in the heart of the train C#m G G/F# And it's seamless A Your light's beamless Bm And so you're hiding in the tunnel until the fire's exchanged C#m G G/F# For a setlist
A Bm Oh, oh oh D You call them insane A Bm Call in, call out D And you call them insane

Verse 2:

A In-line shockring Bm You make a racket in the station until the silence explains C#m G G/F# Guideway blocking A Shockwave docking Bm It took 100,000 blinkers for the darkness to drain C#m G G/F# To start talking
A Bm Oh, oh oh D The factions make peace by the subway light A Bm Oh, oh oh (and your eyes twitch) D And then you're outside A Bm Call in, call out, collinear D Call them insane

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