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                  C#m          G#m 
It's been a long time coming 
            A            E/B 
And I cant stop now 
             C#m          G#m 
Such a long time running 
            A             E/B 
And I can't stop now 
              C#m               G#m 
Do you hear my heart beating 
                 A           E/B 
Can you hear that sound 
              C#m         G#m 
Cause I cant help thinking 
            A               E/B 
That I don't look down 
And then I looked up at the sun 
And I could see 
                         C#m                               A 
The way that gravity turns for you and me 
And then I looked up at the sky 
And saw the sun 
                C#m                                    A        
And the way that gravity turns on everyone 
On everyone 
It's been a long time waiting 
Such a long, long time 
And I cant stop smiling 
No I cant stop now 
Do you hear my heart beating 
Oh do you hear that sound 
'Cause I cant stop crying 
And I wont look down 
And then I looked up at the sun  
And I could see 
Oh the way that gravity turns  
On you and me 
And then I looked at the sun  
And saw the sky 
And the way that gravity pulls on you and I 
On you and I 

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