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Sunset Boulevard Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Sunset Boulevard


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Intro: (h = hammer s = slide) |------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------16--12-----------------9------| |--------------------------------13-------------8s9-8s9-----9------| |----------11----11------14----14------------9--8s9-8s9-77--9------| |----------11--11------14----12--------------9----------77---------| |----7h9-9-9---------12----------------------7----------55---------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-----11---11--9--9--7--7-66666-------------------| |---11---11---9--9--7--7--66666-------------------| |--9----9----7--7--5--5---44444-------------------|
C#m B I said I love my women like I love my juice, naked! A G# All natural no preservatives or fakeness! C#m B I like my ladies like I like my brainy's, in bunches! A G# Got the six pack, I ain't talkin' 'bout the crunches! C#m B Hit it till I quit it like Tyson's punches! A G# That's how you gotta rock if you wanna run shoot C#m B A sweat, a sweat make it less fizzy A G# Buzz kill Betty got me dolly dolly dizzy C#m B Lost in her eyes like oh my God where is she? A G# C#m B Down here in south Cal boy we gettin' busy in the city... A G# We gettin' busy in the city...
C#m E9 F# (A)-(G#) Let's take a trip to sunset boulevard in the city of stars C#m E9 B The city of blinding lights and starry eyes.. A G# C#m E9 I said now welcome to the city of angels! B A whooah whoooah C#m E9 B A G# City of angels! whoooah whooooah
C#m B I set a bright future reflex off my aviators A G# Here's a peace sign going out to all my haters! C#m B High five Keaton, no hurt hand when we A G# Get samples at Yoghurtland and we C#m B Chill soon talk about Betty Blomby A G# C#m Kill Bruz play Call of Duty zombies.. Yeah! B She started to get the best of me A G# While she makes her mind of whether she wants me or Wesley C#m B A G# Da da do, da da do, da da do du da do, da do, da do (Chorus) Adlib: C#m B A G# (Chorus) C#m-E B A C#m E9 B A In this, city of, angels! G# C#m whooooah whooooah an-angels....

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