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Boy Blue Chords

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Boy Blue

  		        G               D 
Hey Boy Blue, can't you hear all 
the noise. 
         G              D       
It's for you, all the town's waiting 
    G                D           Am 
Let us go, there's a show like you ain't 
     C      (G) 
seen before. 
        G               D 
Welcome home, where you been all 
these years. 
       G               D         Am 
Look around, all the crowd is in tears. 
         G           D         Am 
It's so good to see you in the streets 
        C     (G) 
of your town. 
G        D       Am 
Hey Boy Blue is back. 
G        D       Am 
Hey Boy Blue is back. 
G        D       Am  C  G 
Hey Boy Blue is back. 
I've see bold knights, dropping 
D          Am 
down like flies. 
     G             D           Am 
I've see kings, rolling in the mire, 
       G                 D 
I've seen God, point the finger of 
 Am          C     (G) 
doom to our foes. 
        G             D       Am 
I have fought in the holiest wars, 
I have smashed, some of the 
D        Am 
holiest jaws. 
        G                  D       
I've been jailed, been impaled, and 
      Am                 C        (G) 
been dragged through the world. 
     G             D 
One thing, I have learned through 
these years, 
         G                D 
Is that no man, should be stricken 
with fear. 
        G             D 
It should be that he walks with no 
 Am          C     (G) 
care in the world. 
      G                 D 
So my friends, who are gathered 
          G               D           Am 
Hear this clear, for I'll not further say, 
       G                 D        
That no man, shall cause me to take 
Am      C      (G) 
up arms again. 


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