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You Break Me Chords

Ed Sheeran

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tercmoraes

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You Break Me

Intro: Gm Eb Bb F (4x) 

Bb        F                     Gm          Eb 
  Well my friend it seems weve come too far  
to disagree 
   F          Gm                  Eb 
My knees feel weak and I fell too fast 

Bb           F                Gm         Eb 
 The tide is high but we swam in too deep 
              Bb         F       Gm  Eb  
To catch your breath you tear me apa-art 
 piece by piece 
        F         Gm       Eb     
You can take away all this mess 
  Bb        F           Gm       Eb        Gm  
And I could never think anything less of you 
Cos you break me 
You numb me 
    F                     Gm  
You still seem to stun me 
     Eb                 Bb 
This pain has outrun me 
        F               Bb  
You are all I have left 

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