Duran Duran

Midnight Sun

Duran Duran



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Midnight Sun

	  		Album: Medazzaland 

Intro:  F, C, Dm 

      F          C          Dm     (Am) 
As I watch you flickering slowly 
        F        C          Dm      (Am) 
In the shadows, nothing to hold 
             F        C        Dm       (Am) 
It?s as if I don?t recall our time before 
             F   C  Dm     (Am) 
And would it be so wrong 
F        C     Dm    (Am) 
Not to remember? 
           F        C           Dm      (Am) 
There are times I look at you differently 
          F      C         Dm      (Am) 
Like I?d never seen you before 
              F       C 
Funny after all we?ve done 
          Dm        (Am)      F   C   D    (Am) 
You could be someone I don't know at all 
              F  C  D 
(Don?t know you at all) 

Break:  Bb - F 

C                       Gm 
Catch me I don?t want to fall 
         F         C            Dm      (Am) 
But you pull the mountain from under me 
            F       C        Dm      (Am) 
Look, I?m dangling up in the blue 
           F        C       Dm       (Am) 
And it?s a cartoon coyote eternity 
          F   C        Dm     (Am) 
Before I drop down to you 
F          C          Dm    (Am) 
What am I supposed to do now? 

F - C - Dm - (Am) X4 

          F         C          Dm   (Am) 
There is something beautiful shining 
        F       C            Dm    (Am) 
In the far off night of your hair 
             F         C            Dm       (Am) 
Funny for a while it seemed to come from the sky 
         F    C   D 
But it?s in your head 
         F     C    D 
Yes it fills your head 

Bb                F 
You and I don?t always fly 
C                   Gm 
Let me go I want to fall 
Deep into the dark 
     Dm       C       Bb 
But I?ll get back to you 
           F      C          D 
And I?ll always know how to find you 
            F             C       D 
Cause you shine like the midnight sun 

Rose Arcana 

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