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Year: 2008 - Album: Rockferry

	  		D             C   
I'd move to Rockferry, 
D        C 
D                  C 
And I'd build my house, baby 
D           C 
With sorrow 

G             F 
I'd leave my shadow, 
G            F 
To fall behind 
D                      C 
And I wouldn't write to you 
D                  C 
'cos I'm not that kind 

D                         C 
The midnight trains are boarding 
D            C 
All wrap up 8s 
D                          C 
I pich my load and i fill my truck 
D              C          
before its too late 

G                     F 
I leave the stars to judge 
G           F 
my every move 
D                         C 
I'm not going to think of you, oh 
D               C 
I'd get the blues 

D                        C 
Theres no sleep on the journey 
D           C 
away from time 
D                         C 
A bag of songs and a heavy heart 
D             C 
won't make me down 

G                                F 
i'll give it all my strength and my mind 
G                                F 
i'll make this decision with or without 

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