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Year: 2003 - Album: Life for Rent

Key:  B More
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B              F#m7      B          F#m7  
 when you're stoned baby, and I am drunk 
 and we make love, it seems a little desolate 
 it's hard sometimes not to look away 
 and think what's the point 
 when I'm having to hold this fire down 
 I think I'll explode, if I can't feel this freely now 
G#m     F#           E 
If you won't let me fall for you then you 
G#m              F#7        E 
   won't see the best that I would love to do for you instead 
G#m          F#         E    
   you will be missing me when I go cos I'm  
G#m                F#7           E 
   bored of hanging out in your cold 
B              F#m7     B          F#m7 
 when I feel loved baby, I join the road 
 and the world moves with me 
 when I feel lost I just slip away 
 silently, quietly take my things and go 
 and think what's the point 
                   A                 E 
 think where's the hope we're coming home 
B              F#m7 
 If you find one day 
 find some freedom and relief 
 and with this freedom maybe 
 maybe you will find some peace 
 and with this peace baby 
 I hope it brings you back to me  
 bring you home, take me home 
>> Acho q eh isso ;-) 
Contribuição: Rodrigo Coelho Oliveira([email protected]) 


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