The Crucible Silver


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The Crucible Silver

	  		 Intro:  G C2 Am D 

Verso 1: 

G                               G 
the crucible for silver and the furnace for gold 
        G              C2   G/B     Am 
but the lord tests the heart of this child 
standing in all purity 
god of passion is for holiness 
G              C2              Am    C2 
lead us to the secret place of praise 

G C2 jesus, holy one Am D you are my hearts desire G C2 king of kings, my evrything Am D youve set this heart on fire
Verso 2: G father take our offering G with our song we humbly praise you G C2 G/B Am you have brought your holy fire to our lips G standing in all purity G your gift to us this holiness G C2 Am lead us to the place where we can sing

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