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Bm7  Bm7/A  Bm7/G  Bm7/E 
Verse 1: 
Bm7/A      Bm7/A      Bm7/G      Bm7/E 
What can I do with my obsession 
With the things I cannot see 
Is there madness in my being 
Is it wind that blows the trees 
Sometimes you're further than the moon 
Sometimes you're closer than my skin 
And you surround me like a winter fog 
You've come and burned me with a kiss 
       G     A         D/F# 
And my heart burns for you 
       G     A         D 
And my heart burns for you 
Verse 2: 
And I'm so filthy with my sin 
I carry pride like a disease 
You know I'm stubborn God and I'm longing to be close 
You burn me deeper than I know 
I feel lonely without hope 
I feel desperate without vision 
You wrap around me like a winter coat. 
You come and free me like a bird. 
      1 2 3 4 5 6  
Bm7   x 2 4 4 x x 
Bm7/A x 0 4 4 x x 
Bm7/G 3 x 4 4 x x 
Bm7/E 0 x 4 4 x x  


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