King Or Cripple


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King Or Cripple


verse 1 
        Em        D/F#            G 
King or cripple     what have I become' 
              Em                 D/F#             G 
Beneath these kingly robes there lies a fragile man 
              Em      D/F#               G 
What made me a king      can sometimes cripple 
             Em                 D/F#           G 
All that you give can sometimes rob my innocence 

           Em           D/F#              G 
Why do you let us walk upon a cliff so steep 
            Em                D/F#             G 
When deep below the sea there lies a bed of gold 
            Em        D/F#           G 
And if this should be our battle place 
             Em    D/F#              G 
Don't let me fall,     don't let us fall 

Em        D/F#         G 
              Keep me,  wonâ't you 
Em        D/F#       G 
              keep me 

verse 2 
          Em               D/F#                G 
I love to hold the hand of one who healed the blind 
            Em          D/F#             G 
And saw the leper run into your arms of love 
        Em       D/F#                G 
King or cripple, they were the same to you 
             Em                 D/F#             G 
You took the broken man and you treat him like a king 

Chorus 2x 


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