Corrinne May


Corrinne May

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Capo on 2nd fret
 - Play G 

Intro: Gadd9     Am7/G    Gadd9     IAm7/G     

      Gadd9    Am7/G        Gadd9                                 Am7/G 
It's a long long journey Till I know where I'm supposed to be 
        Gadd9    Am7/G        Gadd9                       Am7/G 
It's a long long journey And I don't know if I can believe  
         Bm7                   C 
When shadows fall and block my eyes  
        Bm7                    C        D 
I am lost and know that I must hide 
        Gadd9    Am7/G        Am7            D       Gadd9 
It's a long long journey Till I find my way home to you 
         Gadd9    Am7/G         Gadd9                 Am7/G 
Many days I've spent Drifting on through empty shores 
                Gadd9      Am7/G                   Gadd9                Am7/G 
Wondering what's my purpose Wondering how to make me strong 
  Bm7                   C 
I know I will falter I know I will cry 
  Bm7                            C       D 
I know you'll be standing by my side  
        Gadd9    Am7/G          Am7          D       Gadd9  D/F# 
It's a long long journey And I need to be close to you  
Em               A/C#           D 
Sometimes it feels no one understands  
Em                     F#     B 
I don't even know why I do the things I do  
         Em                   A/C#   F#m             Bm7 
When pride builds me up till I can't see my soul  
           Cmaj7                                 F#m7               C 
Will you break down these walls and pull me through 
                  Gadd9    Am7/G        Gadd9                         Am7/G 
Cause It's a long long journey Till I feel that I am worth the price  
       Gadd9            Am7/G    Gadd9                    Am7/G 
You paid for me on calvary Beneath those stormy skies 
          Bm7                   C 
When Satan mocks and friends turn to foes  
               Bm7                                  C            D 
It feel like everything is out to make me lose control  
        Gadd9    Am7/G        Am7            D      Cm    Dm Gadd9 
It's a long long journey Till I find my way home to you  to you 

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