Conor Oberst

Time Forgot

Conor Oberst

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Time Forgot

Capo on 3rd fret

D                            Em 
Polished my shoes, bought a brand new hat 
           G                 D 
Moved to a town that time forgot 
D                                  Em 
Where I don?t have to shave or be approachable 
            G           A 
No I can do just what I want 

Em                    A                    D               G 
I wanna walk in that howling wind ?til it scatters all my thoughts 
Em                     A                  D              G 
Sit all alone on the river bank ?til I forget that I can talk 
     A   D 
Just listen 

D                        Em 
They say everyone has a choice to make 
      G              D 
To be loved or to be free 
D                        Em 
I told you once I felt invisible 
      G                A 
And I guess by now you see 

Em                       A               D             G 
That what I meant is I?m not all there until I finally leave 
Em                   A            D                     G 
Some loneliness is acceptable and some?s just out right mean 
        A D 
It gets even 

G                     A                    D                  G 
The ivy crawls up the garden wall builds a ladder towards the sun 
G                             A               D               G 
It can?t be climbed but who?s gonna mind if I claim it can be done 

A                (?)  A                   Bm 
And the sun goes down, and the stars come out 
    Em                          A                 D 
The distance that I felt, I can see it for myself now 

D                          Em 
Boarded a train to take my memories back 
            G                A 
Make up for time that I have lost 
D                        Em 
I?ll never know if I?m delusional 
       G                 A 
I just believe that I am not 

Em                    A               D            G 
I?m gonna work for my sanity, give it everything I got 
Em                  A                     D                G 
Tough so far I have cheated death, I know someday I?ll get caught 
     A   D 
Just living 

G                       A                   D                 G 
So here we go man, it?s beautiful, get your trumpet, get your drum 
             G                 A                   D                G 
(*) We?ll be keeping time in a second line, it can make you feel so young 
G                        A                      D               G 
I know you say you?ll go all the way but that?s not quite far enough 
Em              A 
Someone told me that same thing  
Em              A 
Someone told me that same thing  
Em                     A               D 
Someone told me that exact same thing once  

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