Conor Oberst


Conor Oberst

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Intro: G 

G                                 Bm 
What would it take to gain acceptance 
G                           Bm 
To the grounds behind your eyes 
Em                        Bm 
You know I'm open to suggestion 
A                           D 
The one you made we never tried 

Bm                           F#m 
Let it slip right out from under 
D                                   G 
Your breath and it rolled around my head 
Bm                      G 
It was nothing I'd consider 
A                         D 
I knew it had to happen then 

G                            Bm 
Stood on the banks of the Potomac 
G                          Bm 
We watched the water rushing by 
Em                              Bm 
You said we should live in the moment 
A                         D 
Then I'd miss you all the time 

Bm                            F#m 
And I know no one will believe me 
D                            G 
But I don't want a second chance 
Bm                     G 
To be an object of desire 
A                                     D 
If that means slipping through your hands 

Bm                           D 
If I had tried to make you mine 
A                      D 
You would have walked away 
Bm                       A 
I can't compete with memories 
G                      D 
They never have to change 

D      (Dmaj7)     Bm    (F#m)    G 

G                                   Bm 
This world is full of missing persons 
G                             Bm 
All of these unsolved mysteries 
Em                          Bm 
If someone says they know for certain 
A                              D 
They're selling something certainly 

Bm                         F#m 
So when I set myself to wonder 
D                         G 
All the questions that remain 
Bm                          G 
The only one that even matters 
A                               D 
Is when I'll see you're face again 

Bm                              D 
I keep looking back for artifacts 
A                      D 
To prove that you were here 
Bm                               A 
The sound that's been keeps echoing 
G                 D 
It never disappears  

D      (Dmaj7)     Bm    (F#m)    G 

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