Conan Gray

Online Love

Conan Gray

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Online Love

(Conan Gray )

	  		         C               Em 
You only pass through my city 
       Am       G       F                   C 
Every once in a million seconds on a broken clock 
      C               Em 
Yet like we're 
     Am          G            F                      C 
Only miles, only minutes from another around the block 
     C           Em              Am       G 
As I stare at my screen, shining blue and green 
      F         C 
All alone in a coffee shop 
        C         Em          Am             G 
I can't help but imagine what maybe could've happened 
       F                C 
If you weren't just an online love 

Sometimes I say "Hi" and he, like, doesn't answer 
Maybe, okay, maybe he's just in a bad mood 
I think he's just, I think he's just going through something 

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