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Something Else Again Chords

Chris de Burgh

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by aleffederico

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Something Else Again

Year: 1979 - Album: Crusader


F Bb Am Bb X2 

verse 1 
F                              Bb            F 
Peace and understanding is the wisdom of her world 
    Dm              C           Bb              C 
She loves without a reason, she gives without a word 
F                     C                             Dm 
  There are those who make me smile, brighten up my day 
            Bb           C              F      Bb  Dm  Bb 
But oh this woman she is something else again 

verse 2 
F                                  Bb             F 
All the nights I've ever known are waiting in her eyes 
Dm                 C       Bb                C 
Sparkling like the silver, brimming like the wine 
F             C                            Dm 
 Other lovers laid me down, took my breath away 
            Bb           C              F 
But oh this woman she is something else again 

Dm C Am Oh she is such a friend to me Bb C F Holds me in my tears not so sure on the G# either that or C# G# C --------------------------------------- She said Yes, you will be young again C# F When you look back through the years
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SOLO 1 ******* s b rb --------------------------b-|-b--br----6\8-|-10-------10-12-12-10---- -------------------------5--|-6--6-5-------|-------11-------------13- --------------------s--5----|--------5-----|----10------------------- -------------s--3--5\7------|--------------|------------------------- --h---s--3--3\5-------------|--------------|------------------------- -0-1-3\5--------------------|--------------|------------------------- s B B br -------------11\13-15-15-|-16-16-15-------|------------s--- ---h---13----------------|----------16-13-|-13-14-16-16\18- -12-14----14-------------|----------------|---------------- -------------------------|----------------|---------------- -------------------------|----------------|---------------- -------------------------|----------------|---------------- B br B -16-18-18-16-18-18- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -------------------
verse 3 ******** F Bb C So take your woman by the hand, love her till she dies Dm C Bb C Be strong when she needs you, hold her when she cries F C Dm And if a man should say to you, love just brings you pain F Bb F You tell him "No, my woman's something else again Bb C F C F Oh my woman's something else again, oh my woman's something else again
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02:50 - this solos a lot lower, you have to really listen for the notes SOLO 2 ******* -------------|--b-r----------------|---------------------- -----b-13--b-|-13--10--10----------|---------------------- -10-12----12-|------------12--9-10-|---h---10----12---h--- -------------|---------------------|-10-12----12----10-12- -------------|---------------------|---------------------- -------------|---------------------|---------------------- B B B B rbp ---b--------15--15-15-|-----------------p----br-|-15-15--12-----10- -17--15-13------------|-b-------------11-10-13--|------------------ ----------------------|-9---h---10--------------|------------------ ----------------------|---10-12----12-----------|------------------ ----------------------|-------------------------|------------------ ----------------------|-------------------------|------------------ B B B -10-------10----------------|-15-15-----|---------------s---|-15-15--12-12- ----13-10----13-10----11-10-|---------b-|-------------11\13-|-------------- -------------------10-------|--------9--|---h---10----------|-------------- ----------------------------|-----------|-10-12----12-------|-------------- ----------------------------|-----------|-------------------|-------------- ----------------------------|-----------|-------------------|-------------- br B B -17--13----15-|---------------|-----------|--------12-12--------- --------15----|--b--------h---|-----------|--b------------brp---- --------------|-12-12--9-9-10-|--h--------|-11-11---------7--5--- --------------|---------------|-5-7-5--s--|--------------------7- --------------|---------------|-------7\5-|---------------------- --------------|---------------|-----------|----------------------

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