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In Dreams Chords

Chris de Burgh

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by victborges

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In Dreams

Year: 1995 - Album: Beautiful Dreams

C                                    Am 
A candy coloured clown they call the sandman, 
Dm                 C     G 
Tiptoes to my room every night, 
C                                 Am 
Just to sprinkle star dust and to whisper, 
       Dm         G          C 
"Go to sleep everything is alright" 
N.C.       C                 Dm 
I close my eyes and I drift away, 
           G                    C 
And to the magic night I softly say, 
A silent prayer, like dreamers do, 
             G                           C 
Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you 
            F         G 
In dreams I walk with you, 
   F        G       C 
In dreams I talk to you, 
   Am                  D 
In dreams you're mine, all of the time, 
        C D    G  C       D  G 
We're together in dreams, in dreams 
    C      F        C 
But just before the dawn, 
            F        C 
I awake and find you gone, 
I can't help it, 
I can't help it - if I cry, 
    G                         C 
I remember when you said "goodbye". 
                  F         G 
It's too bad that all these things, 
         C      F     G 
Can only happen in my dreams, 
C       Dm 
Only in dreams, 
   G         C       G F 
In beautiful dreams, 
C       D 
Only in dreams, 
   G         C Fm C 
In beautiful dreams. 

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