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Even Now Chords

Chris de Burgh

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by ubirbomfim

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Even Now


F C#m Dm Bb  
C F Gm C F 

      F            C#m                               Dm 
Even now, when I think of all the summers that have gone, 
    Bb                   C              F 
And all the friends and lovers I have known, 
                  Gm                   C 
Still there is a memory that will not let me go, 

                F        C#m                          Dm 
And I see your face and suddenly its just like yesterday, 
    Bb             C            F 
A photograph that never fades away, 
           Gm                         C 
Taking me to a place I thought I had left behind, 

      Bb                                   Am 
Even now, I wake up in the night because your name, 
          D               Gm 
Has been wispered in my dreams, 
             C              F Fsus4 F C 
And I still miss you, even now, 

               F       C#m                               Dm 
And I wonder why after all the years that we have been apart, 
 Bb         C             F 
Recently an aching in my heart, 
                 Gm                            C 
Is bringing you back to me, are you out there calling me? 

      Bb                                      Am 
Even now, I think of how you're living every day, 
                  D               Gm 
Because there is someone who can say, 
         C              F Fsus4 F F7 
I still miss you, even now, 

Ab    C#  Eb  Fm  Fm Eb C#  Eb  Fm    Bbm   C 

      Bb                                    Am 
Even now, I wake up in the night, because your voice, 
          D                Gm 
Has come wispering in my dreams, 
       C                 F   F7 
And I feel that you are near, 

                 Bb                                      Am 
And I call your name and I believe that there will be a day, 
             D              Gm 
When I will hold you once again, 
               C              Dm Bb 
Cause I still miss you, even now, 
What I'm trying to say is, 
         C              F  C# 
I still love you, even now, 
Even now... 

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