We can last forever


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We can last forever

Year: 1988 - Album: The Very Best of Chicago: Only the Beginning

Written by John Dexter/Jason Scheff

F  C  Dm  Am/D  Bbsus2  C  

C               F  
Don't turn away  

'Cause there is something  

 Csus4  C  
I.....  just wanna say  

  F           G  
I need you to stay  

C                 F  
 Don't ask me why  

       G            Csus4  C  
'Cause I don't even kno....w  

G       G7/F         Em7  
  How I gave you my heart  

F                  G  
 I gave it all to you  

Now there's no way that I can lose.  

F                              C  
 Every little look inside your eyes  

Is all it takes to make me realize  

Bb              C  
 We can last forever  

F                           C/E  
 Every little moment we can share  

              Dm/A            Bb     
Gonna let you know how much I care  

                     Dm  Bb  C  
I'll always be there.  

Don't walk away 'Cause there is something  
I just gotta say I love you today  
Just ask me why you're all I'll ever need  
Now that you're in my life  
I'm gonna please you now  
And I'm never gonna let you go  

Bb  Eb  Gm7              A  D  G  
          Love lift us away  

A  Bm  G  A              D    G  
          We can last forever  

A/C#  F#m  G  A  A  


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