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Google Plus

Charlie Mcdonnell

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Google Plus


Google plus, 
C           D             E 
Sorry Emma Blackery made such a fuss, 
     C               D                 E 
We promised Tom and Charlie we'll try not to cuss, 
    C              D             Am 
We didn't ask for it but got it any way, 
C                                 E 
Now it seems like google plus is here to stay? 

Google add, 
C                      D             E 
We promise that this site is really not too bad, 
C                D                    E 
Add us in your circle so we won't be sad, 
C               D                    Am 
Help us out and give us your plus ones, 
      C                          E 
And know we will appreciate the pun? 

           C              Am 
Have you ever been to a party, 
           C                     Am 
And the host keeps changing the song? 
                C                  Am 
Well, when the party's hosted by google, 
        C                   E 
You'd better keep dancing along? 

Google plus, 
C                       D         E 
Something, something, something, something 
Google plus! 

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