Sleeping With The Light On


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Sleeping With The Light On

Year: 2002 - Album: A Ticket for Everyone - Live

	  		C     G              C    
Along she came, with her picture, 
          G                   C 
Put it in a frame, so I won't miss her, 
G               D 
Got on a plane, from London; Heathrow, 
It seems such a shame, yea.. 

C G I feel her. Slipping through my fingers, C G D Now she's gone, I'm sleeping with the light on, G D And sharks swim through my veins now, that she's gone, G D I'm sleeping with the light on.
C G C Heard she's engaged, but to her best friend, G C No ones to blame, here's where it all ends, G D And I feel the pain, 'cause I'm without her, C I feel the pain. {Chorus} C G C I see the sight, with a different light, G C Words cannot describe the way I'm feeling, Em 'Cause I've been searching in my head, G D For the words I thought she'd said, C For too long. {Chorus x3}

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