Buffalo Springfield

Four Days Gone

Buffalo Springfield



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Four Days Gone

	  		Intro:  C6  Bb Am 

      C6       Bb            Am 
I met two kind people on the road 
       C6            Bb           Am 
I was approached and (?) from the coast 

          Bb6			          Am 
I?ve been traverling for four days and nights, sir 
      Bb6			   Am 
And I do want to thank you for the rice, sir 
        Bb6			   Am 
And the soap your wife made tasted fine 
        Dm                   G7       
If it?s all the same I?ll be on my way on the next turn 
    C6          Bb          Am 
I?m three miles shy from my town 

And my baby is waiting I hope, sir 
After fifteen trucks and and old Ford 
And the goverment madness I run away 
And I hate to say I can?t tell you my name 
Coz I?m four days gone into running 
I can?t even go home, take my baby and run 
I?ve got a reason to live 
I?ve got the things I can give 
        C6        Bb        Am 
And I?m four days gone into running 

by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


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