Buffalo Springfield


Buffalo Springfield

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by  NICK D

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	  		TUNING: D A D G B D 

G      G/B        D 
Listen to my bluebird laugh 
G         G/B       D 
She can't tell you why 
 G      G/B       D 
Deep within her heart you see 
 C   G/B         D     C G/B       D    C G/B  D 
She knows only cryin',      just cryin',      yeah 

There she sits, a lofty perch 
Strangest color blue 
Flying is forgotten now 
She thinks only of you, just you, awww 

So get all those blues, must be a thousand hues 
                                        C  G/B 
And each is differently used, you just know 
You sit there mesmorized by the depth of her eyes 
                                  C  G/B 
If you could catagorize, she got soul 
          C G/B        C G/B         D 
She got soul, she got soul, she got soul 


RIFF 2 (during lyrics) 
Do you think she loves you 
Do you think at all? 

SOLO   (stop, RIFF 3, stop again, begin with banjo) 

Soon she's going to fly away 
Sadness is her own 
Fill herself a bath of tears 
And go home, and go home 

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RIFF 1: RIFF 2: (bass notes with playing D) D ---0--0--0--0--------------------- ----------------| B --0--0--0--0---------------------- ----------------| G -5--5--5--5--5/2-0h2-0------------ ----------------| D -----------------------3p0---0---- -0------------0-| A ---------------------------3------ -------0h3--3---| D ---------------------------------- ---0------------| RIFF 3: (strum) D -0-----------0-------------0-------| B ---2h3p2-------2-----------1-------| G ---------2-------2-0-------0-------| D ---------------------4--0--2-------| A ---------------------------3-------| D -----------------------------------|

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