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29 Strafford Apts Chords

Bon Iver

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by terr%5Fschmitz

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29 Strafford Apts


Sharing smoke 
In the stair up off the hot car lot 
    C#m7                   A                E 
The sun shined hard on the video spot, hmm 
E                        C#m9 (or C#m7) 
Sure as any living dream 
                F#m7         B 
It's not all of what it seems 
         A             B           E 
Then the whole thing's hauled away 

A You're holding old enough You're holding up C#m B A You're holding out your fabric now E Pair mine B A E Pair mine
Verse E Hallucinating Claire B Know the snow, shoe light of the autumns A I threw the meaning out the door E There ain't no meaning anymore
A You're holding empty old enough C#m B A You're holding out you're vaporize E B A E Canonize, canonize
Bridge Bm A F#m11 Motor up and yeah you're on Bm A F#m11 E And yeah your own your own Verse E Fold the map, and mend the gap C#m7no5 And I told the word companion F#m7 B And I make myself escape all the multitude of loving A B E It comes always off the page
A I hold a note, you wrote a note C#m B A You've buried all your alimony butterflies E B A E So fine, Some night

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