No Diggity


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No Diggity

Written by Edward Theodore Riley, Bill Withers, David Porter, Chauncey Hannibal, Issac Lee Hayes, Lynise Walters, Richard S Iii Vick, William Anthony Jr Stewart



       Em        Am7 
Shorty get down, good Lord 
C                     B7 
Baby got 'em open all over town 
         Em            Am7 
Strickly biz she don't play around 
      C                 B7 
Cover much grounds, got game by the pound 
Em                  Am7 
 Gettin paid is her forte 
         C              B7 
Each and every day true player way 
  Em                     Am7 
I can't get her outta my mind 
  C                            B7 
I think about the girl all the time 
Em                Am7 
 East side to the west side 
          C                 B7 
Push your fat rides it's no surprise 
Em                     Am7 
 She got tricks in the stash 
                C                  B7 
Stacking up the cash, fast when it comes to the gas 
Em           Am7 
 By no means average 
C                          B7 
She's on when she's got to have it 
Em                  Am7 
Baby your a perfect 10 
            C             B7            Em 
I wanna get in, can I get down so I can win 

Am7 I like the way you work it C B7 No Diggity, I got to bag it up Em Am7 I like the way you work it C B7 No Diggity, I got to bag it up

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