Bad Books


Bad Books

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Capo on 1st fret


When you're with another man inside another home 
                    F                          C 
Do you adapt to the walls? Do you adapt to the walls? 
Found the newspaper, thumbing my hands through it, doing another dance,  
                              F                            C 
Doing what I could with it, don't, you gotta leave me alone 
      G           F              C 
And I wondered if you still lived at home 
        G           F              C 
Yeah, I wondered if you still lived at home 

What do you think you'd have done without a colder beer 
                F                             C 
A fresh pack of zigs and zags, a light and another fag 
    G                  F                  C 
And I was hungover and you would come hang over 
G                  F                  C 
I was hungover and you would come hang over 
    G         F         C 
And stop a biblical fire 

C                                     F              C 
You and your dad, what a tragic mishap, ha-ah-ah-ah-ap 
       G           F               C 
When a man loves a drink more than blood 
      G                   F                 Am        G  F 
And I pace my room for an hour or two every day since 2001 
F                          C 
And I think I talk too much 


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