Vehicles And Animals




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Vehicles And Animals

	  		(capotraste na primeira casa) 

It's the simple things 
	       Cadd9  Am     Am7 
like the robot Stevie g draws 
and the ease with 
		  Cadd9	  Am        Am7 
which you seem to pull those tricks 
There are moments of 
         Cadd9  Am        Am7 
escape for everyone of us 
and the beauty in 
	   Cadd9  Am 
the times that we create 
I saw you smilin 

C     G       Am           Am7 
and I need my vehicles and animals and 
C      G    Am     Am7 
I will be alright 
C           G       Am      Am7 
and take me back to 1979 so i can 
C       G    Am 
find my open eyes 

He can play all by himself for many hours 
I have never seen a kid whose so content 
and there is nothing from the outside that can touch him 
cos he's just learning how to be alone with 1 
I saw you smilin 

G C D C Lying down on my bed I just got another kick to the head G C D C oh yeah your a part of me yeah another branch on the family tree G C D C salt on my fingers, salt in my cuts, salt on my face, salt in my guts G C D C it's been a battle but we've come through ok stop what you're doing and play

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