Aphrodites Child


Aphrodites Child

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E             Esus4      E           Esus4 

fallen fallen fallen, is Babylon the great 

E                Esus4    E               D 

space is getting bounded, time is getting late 

A       E 

getting late 

E                Esus4   E               Esus4 

masters fall and wonder, people rise and wait 

E             Esus4      E           D 

fallen fallen fallen, is Babylon the great 

A                B     A               B 

you don't need a coin, I don't have to shine 

         E    E/D# C#m B 

we don't know the reason 

A              B          A           B 

but I need you madly, and you need me too 

       E    E/D# C#m B 

and we need each other 

E    E/D# C#m B 

need each other 

| E | Esus4 | etc. | 

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