How Much I Feel


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How Much I Feel

Written by David Pack

Capo on 2nd fret

Gmaj7  Dmaj7 
Gmaj7  A  Dmaj7 

verse 1: 

I don't know how this  
Whole business started 
Of you thinkin' that  
Em      A   Dmaj7  Em 
I have been untrue 
But if you think that we'd be  
Better parted 
It's gonna hurt me, but I'll  
Em     A        Dmaj7  
Break away from you 
    Bm                  E7 
Well, just give me the sign  
               A  G F#m7  Em  G/D  Dmaj7 
And I will be gone,      yeah 

Gmaj7 That's how much I feel A Dmaj7 Feel for you, baby Gmaj7 How much I need A Dmaj7 Well I need your touch Gmaj7 How much I live F#m Bm I live for your lovinâ?? A Em That's how much F#m Bm That's how much A Em That's how much F#m G Dmaj7 That's how much
verse 2: Gmaj7 I sleep alone, and late at Gmaj7 Night I'm dreamin' Gmaj7 Of the togetherness that Em A Dmaj7 Em Seems to be leavin me, oh no Gmaj7 I'd give it all and then I'd Gmaj7 Give some more Gmaj7 If you would only love me Em A Dmaj7 Like you had before Bm E7 Girl, take hold of my hand A G F#m7 Em G/D Dmaj7 And all will be forgiven, yeah Repeat Refrão Interlude: Bm F#m Em F#m x 2 Bridge: Bm F#m Em F#m So you try Bm F#m Em F#m Try to stay in the middle Bm F#m Em F#m And then you cry Bm F#m Em F#m Well you cry just a little Gmaj7 Then you both realize F#sus F# Just how foolish you've been, ooo Bm A#dim And you try to make amends Bm/A E/G# But you're better off as friends Em 'Cause that's how much F#m Bm That's how much A Em That's how much F#m G Dmaj7 That's how much verse 3: Gmaj7 How's your life been Gmaj7 Goin' on Gmaj7 I've got a wife now Em A Dmaj7 Em Years we've been growin' strong, oh no Gmaj7 There's just something that I've Gmaj7 Got to say Gmaj7 Sometimes when we make love Em A Dmaj7 I still can see your face Bm E7 Ooo, just tryinâ?? to recall A G F#m7 Em G/D Dmaj7 When we were as one, yeah Repeat Refrão

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