Alex Day

Holding On

Alex Day

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Holding On

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Intro: e|--------------------------------------| B|-----------0h2-------2----------------| G|---------0-----0-----0----------------|(2x) D|-----0h2---------2--------------------| A|---3----------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------|
C Am A million and one thousand things are screaming in my head Em And I can't seem to forget C Can't stop thinking about you Am I could ride across the sky in a bicycle built for two Em Could you teach me how to ride Like you taught me how to feel alive
F C Em Am Not a single day goes by when I don't wish for you to F C Em watch me pause to find the words to steal your heart away F C Em Am But I play every word back round and round to try and find F C Em a clue you might have left behind to say you feel the same
C Em Am C Even if I know C Em Am C I'll never be your Leo C Em I'll keep holding on

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