Cold Shoulder


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Cold Shoulder

	  		Intro: Am G Am G Am Bm Am 

Verse 1:  
    G               Bm              Am                             G 
You say it's all in my head and the things I think just don't make sense 
             G                   Bm                     Am                  G 
So where you been then, don't go all coy, don't turn it round on me like it's my fault 
          G                Am 
See I can see that look in your eyes 
             G                        Bm 
The one that shoots me each and every time 

    Am                         G 
You grace me with your cold shoulder 
         Am                          G 
Whenever you look at me I wish I was her 
    Am                           G 
You shower me with words made of knives 
         Am                          Bm 
Whenever you look at me I wish I was her 

Verse 2: 
      G               Bm               Am                G 
These days when I see you, you make it look like I'm see-through 
           G             Bm                  Am                             G 
Do tell me why you waste our time, when your heart ain't in it, and you're not satisfied 
    G                    Am 
You know I know just how you feel 
                G                            Bm 
I'm starting to find myself feeling that way too 

(Repeat Chorus) 

Am            Ab                G             Ab 
Time and time again, I play the role of fool (Just for you) 
Am          Ab                G             Ab 
Even in the daylight when you think that (I don't see you) 
Am              Ab                G              Ab  
Try to look for things I hear but our eyes never find 
Am           Ab           G 
'Though I do know how you play 

(Repeat Chorus 2x) 

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