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Year: 2005 - Album: Analogue

(Magne 'Mags' Furuholmen/Martin Terefe)

D Dsus D Dsus 
D   Dsus             D 
You don't wanna hang around 
     Dsus             F#m           G 
Said you were leaving town for the summer 
          A       D 
At least till sundown 
    D    Dsus                   D 
Cuz time ain't gonna grind you down, 
 Dsus                   F#m 
ain't gonna waste your life 
         G        A          D 
chasing rainbows like some clown 
     F#m         G         D     A 
But who's gonna come with you tonight 
                G       D       A 
Who's gonna to tell you it's alright? 
             G      D     A 
Everything changes over time 
           D   Dsus   D    Dsus 
Just like wine 
 D   Dsus                 D 
Time ain't gonna hold you up, 
 Dsus                    F#m        G             A   D 
Ain't going to make it stop long enough to ease your mind, 
 Dsus             F#m  G      Dsus   D    Dsus 
Ain't gonna make it last forever 
And you... 
whatcha gonna do? 
Walk it solitary? 
So unnecessary 
         F#m  G 
But it's alright 
          F#m   G 
It's your birthright 
A                      G         D        A 
Hey, hey everything's different down the line 
             G       D   A 
Everything changes over time 
Time ain't gonna make it worse 
It's gonna make you start feeling better 
Just like wine 
We're gonna make it last forever 
Hey you... 
Whatcha gonna do? 
Just be ordinary? 
So unnecessary 
But it's all right 
Yes it's alright 
It's your birthright 
It's your birthright 


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