Farther Away Banjo


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Farther Away

Year: 2003 - Album: Anywhere But Home

{Intro:} Am Bm D C 
Am	      F/C	             Am 
I took their smiles and I made them mine 
	  F/C			Am 
I sold my soul just to hide the light 
	   C	      D	    Am 
And now I see what I really am, 
	    C	        D 
A thief a whore, and a liar 
Am Bm     D C 
I run to you, 
Am   Bm        D  C 
Call out your name, 
Am Bm       D	C	  Am Bm D C 
I see you there, farther away 
Im numb to you, numb and deaf and blind 
You give me all but the reason why 
I reach but I feel only air at night 
Not you, not love, just nothing 
Am              C          D 
Don't leave me here, by myself 
I can't breathe 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


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