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Emmerson Nogueira

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Year: 2004 - Album: Beatles

(Paul McCartney & John Lennon)

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When i was younger 
        C#m7               F#m  
So much younger than today 
I never needed anybody's 
G         D  A   A4  A  
Help in anyway 
But now these days are gone 
I'm not so self assured 
Now i find i've changed my mind 
I've opened up the doors 
Bm                                   Bm/A 
Help me if you can, i'm feeling down 
       G                           D/F# 
And i do apreciate you being round 
Help me get my feet back on the ground 
            A       E          A 
Wont you please, please help me 
And now my life has changed 
In oh so many ways 
My independence seems 
To vanish in the haze 
But ev'ry now and then 
I feel so insecure 
I know that i just need you like 
I've never done before 
Help me if you can... 
           A      G/A          A 
Wont you please, please help me 
      F#m      A  A7M 
Help me, help me 
Contribuição: Milton Lima Oliveira([email protected]) 

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