Electric Light Orchestra


Electric Light Orchestra

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// Intro e|---------0----------0--2------------0--------------------------------------| B|---------2----------2--3------------2-3---2--2-3h2-3h2---------------------| G|---------2----------2--2------------2-2---2--2-2---2-----------------------| D|---------2----------2--0------------2-0---2--2-2---2-----------------------| A|------0--0--------0-0------------0--0-----0--0-0---0-----------------------| E|--0-3---------0-3------------0-3-------------------------------------------| e|---------0-------------------| B|---------2-3---2--2-3h2-3h2--| (Repeat) G|---------2-2---2--2-2---2----| D|---------2-0---2--2-2---2----| A|------0--0-----0--0-0---0----| E|--3h0------------------------|
G // Verse D G A D Away, the joker's closing in G A D Reform and they will win G A G The light is fading fast G I know, you know, they know, we all know G Everybody's gonna burn down D G A D The girls come crawling on all fours G A D Banging on locked doors G A G High cards call the tune G I know, you know, they know, we all know G Everybody's gonna burn down D Bm G E A F#
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// Bridge e|---------------------------------------------------0--------0--------------| B|--9-8-7--6-6----7-6-5--4-4----5-4-3--2-2----3-2-1--0--------0--------------| G|--9-9-9--9-9----7-7-7--7-7----5-5-5--5-5----3-3-3--0--------0--------------| D|---------------------------------------------------2--------2--------------| A|---------------------------------------------------3--------2--------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------0--------------|
G#m A Play me another hand G#m A Lose everything I am G#m A Until we meet again // Bridge riff (partial) // Intro D G A D The ace, that's hiding up your sleeve G A D Will cause the world to grieve G A G The love you had is gone G I know you know, they know, we all know D G A D The dream, in every player's heart G A D To win it all not part G A G They lie awake at night G I know, you know, they know, we all know D G A D The game, where gamblers rule the night G A D And get your blood they might G A G The joker's closing' in G I know, you know, they know, we all know D Bm G E A F# // Bridge riff variations to end

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