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Blink 182

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chords used: e--------------------------------------------------------- b--------------------------------------------------------- g-----9---11----13----9--------------------------------- d-----x----x-----x-----9---9----11---7------------------ a-----7----9----11----7---9----11----7----------------- e---------------------------7----9-----5----------------- Rythem figure 1 It starts with drums, then this......(strumming not exact) e-------------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------------- g-----11-sl--9-9-9-9----13-sl--9----------------------- d-----x------x-x-x-x-----x-----x----------------------- a-----9------7-7-7-7----11----7----------------------- e-----------------0-0-----------------------------------x2 Verse1-Tom guitar 1(guitar 2 or bass doubles with E5, B5, C#5, A5) e------------------------------------------------------- b------------------------------------------------------- g-----11-sl--9-9-9-9----13-sl--9---------------------- d-----x------x-x-x-x-----x-----x----------------------- a-----9------7-7-7-7----11----7---------------------- e-----------------0-0---------------------------------- Chorus-Mark (strumming not hard to do, just hard to tab) e------------------------------------------------------ b------------------------------------------------------ g-----9-9-9-9----------------------------------------- d-----9-9-9-9----9-9-9-9---11-11-11-11---7-7-7-7 a-----7-7-7-7----9-9-9-9---11-11-11-11---7-7-7-7 e-----------------7-7-7-7----9---9--9--9----5-5-5-5 Interlude:(again, strumming not exact) e--------------------------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------------------------- g----9-9-9-9-----11-11-11-11----11-11-11-11-----14-14-14-14- d----x-x-x-x------x---x--x---x-----x---x---x--x------x--x---x--x-- a----7-7-7-7------9--9--9---9-----13-13-13-13----12-12-12-12-- e---------------------------------------------------------------------
thats about it. The order goes: Intro Verse 1 chorus verse 2 chorus x2 (one with Mark singing one with Tom) Bridge(same chords as chorus) chorus x3(Tom harmonising) OK, here we go!!! Verse 1(Rythem figure 1) I've gotta regret right now(i'm feeling it) The air is so cold at home(i'm feeling it) Let me go in her room(i'm feeling it) I love all the things you do(i'm feeling it) Show me the way to bed(i'm feeling it) Show me the way you move(i'm feeling it) Show me, it's such a blur(i'm feeling it) I love all the things you do(i'm feeling it) Chorus E5 B5 C#5 A5 We fell short this time smile fades in the summer E5 B5 C#5 A5 Place your hand in mine, i'll leave when I wanna Verse 2(Rythem figure 1) Where do we go from here Turn all the lights down now Smiling from ear to ear(i'm feeling it) My breathing just got to loud(i'm feeling it) Show me the bedroom floor(i'm feeling it) Show me the bathroom mirror(i'm feeling it) Where takin this way to slow(i'm feeling it) Come take me away from here(i'm feeling it) Chorus x2(one with Mark one with Tom) Bridge(bass hits single note- E i think) This place was never the same again, after you came and went, How can you say you meant anything different to anyone standing alone on the street with a cigarette on the first night we met (Guitar comes in with palm muting) Look to the past and remember a smile and maybe tonight I can breath for a while I'm not in a scene i think i'm falling asleep and then all that I need is i'll always be dreaming of you!! Chorus x3(Tom starts harmonizing on 2, then mark on 3) Chorus-no music with harmonizing

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