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School's Out Banjo

Alice Cooper

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by renejunior

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School's Out

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Em (Main Riff Method 1) E|-|------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-|---------14-----------12-----------14-----------------------------| G|-|---------14-----------12-----------14--12-------------------------| D|-|---------14-----------12-----------14-----------------------------| A|-|-14--14-------14--14------14--14----------------------------------| E|-|-12--12-------12--12------12--12----------------------------------| Em (Main Riff Method 2) E|-|------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-|------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-|---------14-----------12----------14---12-------------------------| D|-|-14--14--14---14--14--12--14--14--14------------------------------| A|-|-14--14-------14--14------12--14----------------------------------| E|-|-12-----------12----------12--------------------------------------|
Em Well we got no choice All girls and boys Making all that noise Cause they found new toys C D Eb Well we cant salute you can't find the flag if that don't suit you that's a drag Gm Bb C F Gm Bb C F Gm Schools out for summer schools out for ever C D No more pencils no more books no more teachers dirty looks

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