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Can't Help Myself Chords

Toni Gonzaga

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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Can't Help Myself

	  Intro: A-D-A-D 

Verse 1: 
Can't sleep tonight, 
'Cause you're on my mind. 
F#m            E             B 
I guess I'm in love once again. 
Gaze a star, 
'Cause that's what you are. 
    F#m           E          B 
You light up my life once again. 
C#m                         F#m        E 
I'll take this chance for another romance in my 
'Cause you're all that I need. 

A E I can't help myself, F#m From falling in love, E D With somebody like you, E A 'Cause your feelings are true. E Can't help myself, F#m E B From falling in love. Bm E For I can't help myself... A From falling for you.
Verse 2: A All day I pray, C#m That forever you'll stay, F#m E B And won't let our love fade away. A Hear what I say, C#m Whatever comes away F#m E B We'll be together come what may. C#m F#m E I'll take this chance for another romance in my B Life, D 'Cause you're all that I need. Chorus Bridge: F#m E I've never felt this love, D Until you came, E F In my mind. Bb F And I can't help myself, Gm From falling in love, F Eb With somebody like you, F Bb 'Cause your feelings are true. Bb F Can't help myself, Gm F C From falling in love. Cm F For I can't help myself B From falling for you.

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