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Ancient of Days Chords

Ron Kenoly

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Ancient of Days


D             Dsus4               D     Dsus4  D 
Blessing and honor, glory and power   
  D                                 D/C#  Bm    A/C#                    
Be unto the ancient of days   
D           Dsus4  D          D   Dsus D 
From ev'ry nation all of creation   
  Bm                                   A/C#  D  
Bow before the ancient of days   
G                Em    Em/B  A   
Ev'ry tounge in heaven and earth   
Shall declare your glory   
G                Em     Em/B    A   
Ev'ry knee shall bow at your throne   
      A/F# D/F#      
In worship   
G            Em  Em/B      A   
You will be exal-ted, oh god,   
D7/F#       G          G/F#      Em               A                                     
And your kingdom shall not pass away   
O ancient of days   
Your kingdom shall reign over all the earth   
 C/D    G/D       Am/D   G/D        D   
Sing unto the ancient of days   
For none can compare to your matchless worth   
 C/D    G/D       Am/D   G/D        D    
Sing unto the ancient of days   


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