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Joseph's Lullaby Chords


Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Sandman26

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Joseph's Lullaby

	  Capo 1st  

Intro:	Bm	A/C#	D	D/F#	G  
	Bm	A/C#	D	D/F#	G  
	Bm	A/C#	D	D/F#	G  
	Bm	A/C#	D	D/F#	G  
	Bm	      A/C#	        G  

1 D Em A Go to sleep my Son Bm A G This manger for Your bed G A D A/C# You have a long road before You Bm A D A/C# Rest Your little head
Verse 1 Bm A G A Can You feel the weight of Your glory? G A D A/C# Do You understand the price? Bm A D A/C# Or does the Fa-ther guard Your heart for now so Bm A Dsus - D You can sleep tonight
2 D Em A Go to sleep my Son Bm A G Go and chase Your dreams G A D A/C# This world can wait for one more moment Bm A D A/C# Go and sleep in peace
Verse 2 Bm A G A I believe the glory of heaven G A D A/C# Is lying in my arms tonight Bm A D A/C# But Lord, I ask that He for just one moment Bm A DsusD A/C# Simply be my child Instr: (1st two lines of verse chord progression followed by last 2 lines of intro chord progression) Bm A F#m G A D A/C# Bm A/C# D D/F# G Bm A/C# G
3 D Em A Go to sleep my Son Bm A G Baby close Your eyes G A D A/C# Soon enough You’ll save the day Bm A Bm But for now, dear Child of mine Bm A G A (Play Once) (Start Ending) Oh, my Jesus(pause)sleep tight
Ending: (Intro chord progression slowly) Bm A/C# D D/F# G

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