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Faithfully Chords

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Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by Teusalves

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         B                G#m              F#sus4           E  
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E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------0--|| B|-----4--2--5--2--|-----4--2--5--4--|-----4--2--5--4--|--------0--|| G|-----4--4--4--4--|-----4--4--4--4--|-----4--4--4--4--|--------1--|| D|-----4--4--4--4--|-----------------|-----4--4--4--4--|-----2-----|| A|--2--------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----2-----|| E|-----------------|--4--------------|--2--------------|--0--------||
B G#m Highway run into the midnight sun E Wheels go round and round B You're on my mind B G#m Restless hearts sleep alone tonight E B F# Sending all my love along the wire E They say that the road G#m B ain't no place to start a family E G#m B Right down the line it's been you and me E And loving a music man G#m B ain't always what it's supposed to be F# Oh Girl Ebm F# you stand by me C#m B/D# E I'm forever yours B faithfully

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