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Paper Rosie Chords

Gene Watson

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Paper Rosie

	  Intro: Pick chords from C to F, G, back to C 
C                           F 
The sun goes down in Calvin County 
     G                       C 
neon lights from an old beer sign 
shown through the window out on the sidewalk 
            G              C 
as I walked in to pass the time 
I looked around sat down at a table 
                G                  C 
ordered beef on rye and a glass of wine 
                C                      F 
and through the door came a little old lady 
        G                                       C 
she was sellin' paper roses and they old cost a dime 

G F Paper Rosie, Paper Rosie G C she sold ya paper roses but they only cost a dime
Silver hair that's lost it's gold trembling hands as she passed a row red cray paper made nature's bouquet help a little old lady buy a rose today I took the rose from her trembling hand with eyes of age she smiled and walked away like a breath of spring I could smell the rose it came alive and I heard her say *Chorus* Buy my roses, pretty roses they're only made of paper but they only cost a dime I went to look for her outside a spray of roses lay by her side the sky lit up and the choir sang a thousand voices as the church bells rang *Chorus* They sang Rosie, Paper Rosie She sold ya paper roses but they only cost a dime Paper Rosie, Paper Rosie She sold ya paper roses but they only cost a dime

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