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Space Oddity Chords

David Bowie

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by cadu maranhão

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Space Oddity

Intro: F Em F Em    

C                       Em      
Ground control to Major Tom    
C                       Em      
Ground control to Major Tom                   
Am        Am7/G             D7                   
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on      
C                       Em  C                              Em          
Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown engine's on      
Am      Am7/G          D7                      
Check ignition and may God's love be with you      
C                               E7                           F           
This is ground control to Major Tom, you've really made the grade!      
        Fm             C/E                   F             
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear,      
         Fm               C/E            F              
Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare      
C                              E7                             F      
This is Major Tom to ground control, I'm stepping through the door      
        Fm              C/E           F          
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way      
        Fm              C/E         F       
and the stars look very different today      
    F7M       Em7                     F7M            Em7        
For here am I sitting in a tin can,   far above the world      
Bb7M            Am               G             F          
Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do      
Instrumental: C  F  G  A    (2X)  F7M  Em7  A  C  D  E      
C                                      E7                       F        
Though I'm passed one hundred thousand miles, I'm feeling very still      
      Fm                 C/E                F          
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go,      
        Fm              C/E           F         
Tell my wife I love her very much she knows      
G                 E7      
Ground control to Major Tom:      
     Am                      Am7/G      
Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong      
        D7                         C/G                 
Can you hear me Major Tom, can you hear me Major Tom?      
Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you...       
F7M      Em7                         F7M              Em7        
Here am I floating round my tin can,  far    above the moon      
Bb7M            Am               G             F          
Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do.      
Instrumental: C F G A   C F G A     F7M     

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