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Blow Mighty Breath Of God Chords

Chris McClarney

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by LaurieA

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Blow Mighty Breath Of God

D2                C 
Blow mighty breath of God 
G     A2          D2 
Move upon this place 
D2                C 
Blow mighty breath of God 
G         A2             D2 
Come in power and grace 

C                G                D2 
Streams of mercy flowing down 
C           G            D2 
Light of heaven all around 
Em7   C         G    A2 
Falling to the ground 
Wind of wisdom light the way 
Revelation for today 
Chasing fear away 
Spirit fire fan the flame 
Passion for your Holy Name 
Burning everything 
Blood and water washing all 
From the cross see it fall 
Jesus Lord of all 

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