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Must Be Doin' Something Right Chords

Billy Currington

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by brywo

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Must Be Doin' Something Right

	  *Capo 2* 
Intro: G G/B C D 
Em           C 
A woman is a mystery  
A man just cant understand 
Em               C 
Sometimes all it takes to please her  
Is a touch of your hand 
Bm                        C 
N' Other times you got to take it slow 
G            D/F#      Em 
And hold her all night long 
Heaven knows there's so many ways 
D     Dsus   D 
A man can go wrong 
Must be doin' somethin' right 
I just heard ya sigh 
N' Lean into my kiss and close  
      Dsus D    Dsus D   G  
Those deep blue need you eyes 
Don't know what I did 
To earn a love like this 
         Em      D                        G 
But baby I ......must be doin' somethin' right 
G G/B C D 
Em           C 
Anywhere you wanna go 
Baby show me the way 
Em          C 
I'm open to suggestions  
Mmm whatever you say 
Bm              C 
Tonight's about givin' you what you  
G     D/F#        Em 
Want, whatever it takes 
Girl I hope I'm on the right road 
D             Dsus            D 
Judgin by the smile on your face 
Chorus (repeat with ad-lib and intro progression to fade) 


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