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Everywhere Ukulele tab


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Athudos

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Intro: (3X) (2X) |-----4/5---------2/4--| |---------------------------------------| |----------------------| |-----0-----0-----------0---------------| |---2----------4-------| |---2----------2-----2------------------| |-4---------2----------| |-4------1--------2---------------------| |----------------------| |---------------------------------------| |----------------------| |---------------------------------------| < Solo 1 (Seria violino, mas está aqui o improviso): (F#5 A5 E5) |-------------------------5-5-5-5-5-7--9---9--10--9--7--5—-4--5/4-------| |----------2--3-2---------7-7-7-7-7-9-10--10--10-10--9--7--5--------7---| |--1-2---4---------4-4--------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Toca com a Intro) Turn it inside out so I can see The part of you thats drifting over me Cause when I look you're....never there And when I sleep you're......everywhere Your everywhere Tocar Solo 1 F#5 A5 E5 Tell me how I got this far F#5 A5 E5 Tell me why you're here and who you are D5 E5 D5 D#5 E5 Cause everytime I look you're never there D5 E5 D5 D#5 E5 And everytime I sleep you're always there
D5 A5 E5 Cause you're everywhere to me D5 A5 E5 And when I close my eyes its you I see D5 A5 E5 Your everything I know that makes me belive D5 A5 E5 Im not alone oôoôoo
Tocar Solo 1 D5 E5 F5 I reconize the way you make me feel D5 E5 F5 Its hard to think that you might not be real F#5 E5 I sense it now the water's getting deep Eb I try to wash the pain way from me Away from me Refrão (1X) (D5 A5 E5)
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Solo 2: |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |--7--4--5--6---7--4--5--6---7---9--10--12---9/10/9------9/10/9---------| |--9--6--7--8---9--6--7--8---9--11--12--14-----------12----------12-----| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |--9/10/9------9/10/9---------------------------------------------------| |----------12----------12--10--9--10/9-------------12-------------------| |---------------------------------------11--9--11------11--9------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
D5 A5 When I touch you hand E5 It's the I understand D5 A5 The beauty that's within E5 It's now that we begin D5 A5 You always light my way E5 But never comes a day eyey D5 A5 No matter where I go E5 I always feel you so Refrão (2x) (D5 A5 E5) You're in everyone I see So tell me... Do you see me?
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