Devotion Ukulele tab


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by fernsantana

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Capo on 1st fret

Intro: D Em A D 

verse 1: 
D             Em           A                        D                   
Suddenly our shortcomings don't seem to matter that much 
D          Em                 A                        D 
Your IQ is 20 points low and I'm no Six Foot Hot Look All-American Man 

Bm             G                A                F#m 
Sad to say, I pushed you away, waiting for Mrs. Right 
G          A 
You never gave up... 

D Em Devotion, waiting for me A D You'll always be my girlfriend D Em I, too, am waiting for you A D D Em A I'll always be your friend
verse 2: D Em I commend your stubbornness A D Without it we'd never got this far D Em I am done with perfection A D Chasing her leaves me with nothing but pain Pre-Chorus 2: Bm G Unlike you, she isn't true A F#m She's got her own concerns G A You never gave up... (go to Chorus) Instrumental Bridge: Dm Gm A Dm (2x) (Chorus again)
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