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Say Hello Ukulele tab

Vince Gill

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Say Hello

Capo on 1st fret
Intro: C  D  G 
G                        C                  D  
I walk down these lonely streets and try to find you 
C                             D 
In all the same old places we used to go 
        G                  C              D 
And the old friends that I meet still ask about you  
    C               D              G 
And they tell me if I see you say hello 

G G7 C Say hello to the arms that used to hold me G C D Hold me close when those chilly winds would blow G G7 C Say hello to the lips that used to kiss D D7 G D C G And whisper in my ear I love you so
G C D I remember the night when I first met you C D I knew that I could never let you go G C D Now I can't find a way to forget you C D G I'd give anything to hear you say hello ******** ==Repear Chorus== ******** D D7 G I'd give anything to hear you say hello Ending: C D G
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